Beautiful, quiet, private barn in prime Scotts Valley location has room for a few select boarders.

Easy to access, only 3.5 miles from Hwy 17. 
5 miles from Santa Cruz Horseman’s Assoc. Showgrounds  and
Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park   

Open air shed row barn  ~  Promotes health with excellent air circulation
12 x 12 covered stalls with 36 ft attached paddocks  ~  Allows more movement
Extra tall 5’ 6 rail dividers between stalls   ~   Prevents horses from reaching over stalls promoting calm, quiet safe feeding and living atmosphere
Covered stall areas are raised and matted   ~  Horses are up and out of mud during winter

Small mesh slow feed hay nets   ~  Simulates grazing, optimal for horse health
Fed twice daily with grass or grass/alfalfa mix (owner’s choice) plus soaked/rinsed beet pulp and fresh ground Flax   ~  Low sugar, low carb, high fiber diet with Flax providing necessary Omega 3s
Stalls and paddocks cleaned daily
Automatic Waterers   ~ Water is always available, cleaned weekly
50 ft sand round pen

Arena – to be enlarged this spring

Individual tack lockers
Owner supplied supplements fed at no additional charge
Blankets on and off at no additional charge
Turn out available in good weather   ~ additional charge
Intimate, no drama barn   ~  Owner lives on site, late night barn checks, your horse is cared for as our own

$300 month includes feed and cleaning

For more information and availability please email or call Denise at :
(831) 335-2035